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Starting the hobby of knitting can be a very rewarding one.  If you embark on this hobby, then you will never have to be idle anymore and you can make beautiful projects from the selection of fantastic patterns you can do.  It might be difficult for you to choose the right knitting yarn for your project at first, since there are many different kinds of yarns available.  Thickness or weight of knitting yarns vary from one kind to another.  You will be able to identify the yarn which is best suited for your knitting project if you understand the different kinds of yarn like cashmere yarn being sold.


The size of the right needle is depending on the weight of the knitting yarn you will use such as merino yarn.   The recommended brand of knitting yarn, the yarn weight, and the needle size that you need for the project is written on the patterns, if you are using one to work on.  Sometimes these brands are not available in your location or on the online store or physical store, so you may have to choose a different brand.  This is the reason why you need to know the yarn weights so that you can choose the right wool based on your particular project.


When the wool is very thin it is called lace knitting yarn.  This is the thinnest yarn you can find.  This is used for doily projects and for a shawl.  This type of yarn is used with the smallest needles with the size of 0000-1.


The finger knitting yarn is also a thin kind of yarn but not as thin as the lace yarn.  If you are looking to make shawls, doily or socks and you want a thin yarn that you can knit tightly together to achieve the results that you want, then you should choose the finger knitting yarn.  Needles sizes one to three is ideal for this type of yearn.


Since you need tighter stitches in this project, the sport yarn is ideal because despite being thicker than finger and lace yarn, it is thin enough for this purpose.  Sport yarn is soft to the touch while lace yarn is coarse.  Sporting yarn uses needle sizes three up to five.


Light worsted yarn, also referred to as DK yarn, is a slightly thicker yarn and one of the more common options.  This yarn is easy to use and used for many projects like baby clothes, blankets, shawls and more.  In order to achieve best results, this type of yarn uses size five to seven needles.


Another common yarn is the worsted knitting yarn.  Worsen yarn is used in all types of knitting project.  Sweaters and blankets use this type of yarn which uses needle sizes seven to nine.