Blue Flower



Storing fluffy yarn for long periods makes if flatten and this destroys the fibers of the material making it unusable or hard to work with.  The solution to the problem is storing yarn in an airtight bag and for short periods of time before use.  It is much safer to make purchases when the designs and plans are already in place to immediately start working than having to store the hand dyed yarn while making the plans.   The whole process if well planned, there will be no loss incurred due to poor quality of yarn. 


 Ensure that the color of yarn balls match when buying the material to use.  The companies that make the yarn have a wide range of colors to choose from.   To differentiate between the mixing almost same color of yarn can be told apart by the number of the yarn shades.  Evade a product with different colors by ensuring the color number of the yarn match.   Ensuring that there is enough yarn will see to completion of a project.   Stores are stalking with different shades of dye and to be on the safe side buy excess because it can be returned to the store.


 Saw in a uniform pattern when using more than one color shade because the patterns can be easily noticed.  Yarn of different color but same characteristics makes it easy to achieve rhyming pattern.   A tailor should not restrict oneself to patterns but being open minded and creative.  When aiming at a larger sale and customer numbers, being creative helps in achieving this fast.   There is more to profit and sale and it is what keeps the customers on the toes for your products.


 To be on point while improvising, ensure that the patterns and lengths are kept constant.   Buy the exact length of yarn to avoid spending more on getting more yarn.  The added advantage of having extra yarn is that one can create accessories that will go along with their finished products.  With accessories as more creativity, the market will come for more of the accessories.


Using more types of yarn like cashmere yarn gives way of being more creative and unique.   There are a number of things one play around to produce different and unique products.  Unique products are what the customers go for and being uniform might reduce the customer numbers.   Having products that are in rhythm with the current trends and even better improved will mean that the customers will get interested in your line of products and hence increase the demand on the products  The only way you will survive in business is by outsmarting your competitors.